We have further pursued "the special" since the founding of the Company and will evolve into a Company Group that can enhance its presence in a new age.

Since its founding in 1940, the Company has been particular about "the special" and has responded to the demands of customers in a wide range of fields by creating unique technology and value based on electric wire-related technology. Meanwhile, the business environment surrounding the Company has changed rapidly, especially in recent years, and has become increasingly challenging. Because of that, we are advancing reform towards a corporate constitution that can cope with environmental change towards the future. Furthermore, aiming for the new development of TOTOKU, we have established a Management Philosophy as follows. "We will aim to be a company that the world needs by gathering technology and leading the world in the development of products that are the best and unique." Having done so, we will continue our challenge towards the sustainable improvement of our corporate value.

In terms of technology, we will continue to investigate the improvement of TOTOKU technology with an enterprising spirit and to supply products and services that are useful to society and our customers.

With regard to customers, we will aim to create new value at all times with proposals unique to TOTOKU, and to be an indispensable presence for our customers.

With regard to society, we will contribute broadly to international society with a spirit of co-existence and co-prosperity, and technology that is friendly to the environment and enriches lives.

Also, from the perspective of employees, we will foster a corporate climate that respects the individuality of each and every employee, and where each and every employee can think and act with enthusiasm.

We are committed to the aim of evolving into a Company Group where all employees can work together to further pursue "the special," as we have done since our founding, for the realization of the philosophy above, and improve our presence in a new age, and to reform into a Company that contributes to all stakeholders. We hope for your further support in the future.

Yoshihiro Suzuki

Yoshihiro Suzuki